Redefine Normal is an awareness campaign intended to awaken the world to the socially constructed categories that are oftentimes internalized as normal and exclusive, when they are by no means natural or representative of reality.

In an attempt to invalide the misconceptions set forth by the media and institutionalized by society, Project: Redefine Normal endeavors to encourage today's youth to embrace their own individuality, and to celebrate the lifestyle choices of others.

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We challenge YOU to be creative and Redefine YOUR Normal:

Depending on how YOU like to express yourself, please feel free to submit a skit, a monologue, poem, essay, drawing, painting, original or popular song with new and improved lyrics- the possibilities are endless!

What is your normal? Showcase your idiosyncrasies, portray your passions, share your interests, stand by your beliefs, and consider your inspirations. We want to know what makes YOU an awesome, beautiful individual

You can share your thoughts, more specifically on the subject matter if YOU prefer. Some themes the project will explore include gender, sexuality, media literacy, bullying, intersectionality, diversity and tolerance.

Some places your response may be featured are: in an informational video designed to introduce parents and students to the project and its relevance, on Facebook, within the curriculum, or posted on the web page!

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This project is by no means designed to generate profit. The reward for the energy invested by so many hardworking individuals will be the knowledge, that in some small way, this effort will bring critical thinking skills to a generation of kids who are being incessantly bombarded with (often one-sided) media messages.

Building the interactive website the content requires has been quoted to be approximately $15,000.00. Please consider a donation to this project. In exchange, your company will be prominently displayed on the site, your platform promoted, your role in transforming this vision into a reality will not go unnoticed.

Kids rely on us to teach them about the world. In contributing to Project: Redefine Normal, you are contributing to a healthier tomorrow for America's youth.

Because we are currently awaiting confirmation of our 501c3 status, please make checks payable to Rachel Ezrol and mail them to the address included below.

881 East Coco Plum Cir
Plantation, FL 33324

Thank you in advance for all of your consideration!

With Lots of Love and Gratitude,
The Redefine Normal Team

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